What we do

We serve approximately 500 businesses in Red Deer's Downtown core located in a designated Business Improvement Area (BIA), shown in the grey area below.

Services we provide for our members

The goals of the organization fall into the following three main areas and stem from the 2020 - 2022 Strategic Plan:

  • Build and engaged Downtown Community
  • Develop a Downtown Brand 
  • Enhance the Downtown Experience

Your annual levy is calculated by The City of Red Deer on an annual basis based on the space occupied by the business and collectively, this amount makes up approximately 65% of the DBA annual budget. The budget is approved first by the DBA Board of Directors and then through Council. The remaining 35% of the budget is raised through contracts and grant funding to allow the DBA to deliver on the expectation of our businesses.

The Clean Team

The DBA's Clean Team works hard to ensure Downtown is a clean and safe place to visit and do business. They start in the early morning hours and much of their work is complete before the business day begins. The responsibilities of this small team include:

  • Picking litter off streets, sidewalks, alleys, parking lots and green spaces throughout Downtown
  • Emptying garbage receptacles
  • Cleaning and maintaining street furniture
  • Repairing and replacing banners on small light standards
  • Assisting with the DBA’s Adopt-a-Planter program by delivering plants to participating businesses
  • Operating the DBA sidewalk sweeper to clear debris, cigarette butts and broken glass from sidewalks in the Downtown. This is done daily before 8 a.m.

Catapult Entrepreneurs business incubator program

Click here to learn more about this exciting new venture.

Downtown Investment Attraction Plan

A partnership between the Downtown Business Association and The City of Red Deer, this plan was approved and adopted by Red Deer City Council in May 2016.

With the expert assistance of consultants, the project was created to identify the key economic opportunities and drivers within our Downtown. Each of the opportunities identified build on the successes to date to ensure we will be investment-ready moving into the future. More interestingly, it provided some key findings on the type of businesses we should focus on attracting to the Downtown. It also details a parking strategy for the area along with a strategy for The City to encourage development on vacant lots.

Click here for more information and to access the entire Downtown Investment Attraction Plan.

The 20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown

Many of our projects and initiatives are based on Roger Brooks’ The 20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown which contains excellent recommendations on making our Downtown a thriving destination for residents and visitors to our city.

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