Business Spotlight: Artribute Art School

We stopped by Artribute Art School for this week’s Business Spotlight! Located in the Old Court House on Ross Street this quaint art school offers after school art classes for kids. We sat down with Erin Boake the owner of Artribute Art School to learn more!

What is your business? 

We are Artribute Art School and we’re an art school for kids.

When did you open? 

Well the school has been open for over ten years but I took over about three years ago. It was opened by Galia Kwetney, and she’s moved on now, so I picked up where she left off. 

What would you say makes your business unique? 

Well the classes we offer are on-going for kids, so it’s like if your kid was in gymnastics or piano lessons, it’s something that goes for the whole school year. So, we’re a little bit different like that, because a lot of other classes are maybe like an eight week session. So we can build on our skills throughout the whole year.

What are some products/services that you offer?  

We offer art classes for kids from ages 5-18. We learn all sorts of different techniques and we learn art history. We do drawing, painting, clay sculpture, print making. We try and cover all the bases. It’s fun!

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business? 

Well it was here when I took over, but I love it being here. I love being downtown and I think it’s the heart of the city. I like feeling a part of the community and I appreciate that most of the local businesses are downtown. It’s a great space – nothing compares to it [The Old Courthouse]. 

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant? 

I just think the sense of community, I mean there’s always people walking around, the efforts with the Ross Street Patio and just having local business open here. I think that’s what makes it special.

I love Downtown Red Deer because… I think it’s the heart of the city. I’ve always spent lots of time down here, even before I had a business here. I like the community; I like the people down here –  And I don’t think it’s scary! I think it’s great.

If you have an aspiring artist in your family, check out Artribute Art School, you can find their class schedule on their website and any updates on their social media.




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