This week’s business spotlight shines on Bottoms Up Scrubs! Located at 4913 48 Street, this specialty uniform store has everything you need if you’re in the medical professional field of work. We sat down with the manager, Jenny, to learn more about this business!

What is your business? 

We are Bottoms Up Scrubs. We’re a specialty uniform shop for medical professionals and chefs, we do a variety of quality uniforms, shoes, accessories. Our customer base has kind of expanded over the last six months with COVID. We’re getting everything from teachers, to eye clinics—a whole gambit of folks looking for scrubs. We’ve definitely gone past that medical professional’s side of things, but that’s still majority of where our niche is.

When did you open? 

The current owner [Linda Stevenett], took over the business in November of 2013, but the business has been around for over ten years, with two previous owners as well. 

What would you say makes your business unique? 

There are a few things that make us unique. For Red Deer, we’re the only specialty uniform store in the city, so that sets us apart. In terms of what makes us unique in the uniform world, we cater to everybody. We carry everything from plus size—in stock—to men’s, maternity, shoe sizes up to a size 43. We definitely make sure to cover the full range, instead of making you special order everything in just because you’re outside the box. 

What are some products/services that you offer?  

We offer everything from uniforms, shoes that are suitable for those long shifts, stethoscopes, watches, all the little accessories, badge reels, that kind of stuff that folks may need to get their day-to-day job done.

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business? 

When the owner took over the business in 2013 it was already an established business. This was the location it was in when she took it over, so we kept it for that reason because customers knew where we were at still, at that point. The central location for us works well. Were not that far from the hospital, were close to transit, we’re close to a lot of corporate companies like dental offices, theres a lot of that in the area as well. 

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant? 

The diversity of people and the variety of business in the area is a big one for us. There isn’t much in terms of products and services that you can’t find in the Downtown area. The variety of activities hosted by businesses and the DBA adds to the charm that is Downtown. 

I love Downtown Red Deer because… it’s where our story began. Since 2013, we have expanded our business; we do have a location in Calgary, as well. I was down in Calgary for two years setting up that store, but definitely, Red Deer is home, Downtown Red Deer is home—that’s where we start!


For all things, scrubs and accessories, go check out Bottoms Up Scrubs and follow their social media for all the latest deals and events!





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