What is your business?

Wolf & Crown tattoo is a unique Tattoo shop in Downtown Red Deer

When did your business open?

January 2020, After a few covid shutdowns, things are running smoothly.

What makes your business unique?

Several things make wolf & Crown unique. The specialized styles offering realism or gems can be tough to find around Red Deer. Additionally, the operations side of the business is run by one of the owners, where they have the opportunity to ensure that clients’ and artists’ time is respected and the customer service is of very high quality.

What are some products and services that you offer?

Wolf & Crown has amazing tattoo artists that each specialize in different areas and passions. They have a few local jewellers that display their unique pieces at the store, and lastly, personalized merchandise.

I love downtown Red Deer because…..

The food!!! Downtown Red Deer has someone amazing places to eat over on the patio.