Downtown Kiosk Advertising Program

The kiosk advertising program offers rental space for business advertisements and promotions throughout Downtown Red Deer.

Program Overview

  • The Downtown Business Association manages the rental and installation of the signage for the program.
  • Kiosks have been placed in seven Downtown locations. Each kiosk has four sides for display advertising.
  • Rental agreement is for a 12 month period, beginning the first of the month stated in the rental agreement
  • Rental fees range from $500 – $600 depending on the directional side on each kiosk
  • Business is responsible for providing properly sized signage (26.5 x 37.5 in) at least one week prior to start date
  • The DBA will install and remove signage according to rental agreement
  • Signage content is subject to approval by the DBA
  • The DBA reserves the right to refuse signage as per the standards stated for Downtown Kiosk Advertising Guidelines


All businesses within the Business Revitalization Zone are eligible for this program. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of DBA management.

Maintenance and Liability

The DBA will keep the kiosk and supplied signage clean but assume no responsibility for vandalism or damage to the signs once they are in place.

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DBA Kiosk Advertising Application
Please make all cheques payable to Red Deer Downtown Business Association. If paying by credit card, please bring card into the DBA office.
The above signed agrees to the terms and conditions on this advertising order.
The above signed agrees to the terms and conditions on this advertising order.

* Agreement Details

• This package includes a rental space on an advertising kiosk in Downtown Red Deer for a on-year term, from January 1 to December 31
• Installation and removal will be completed by DBA staff, along with regular cleaning of the kiosk
• Advertisers must provide one metal sign per space rented (26.5 x 37.5). Supplier recommendations can be provided on request
• All content is subject to approval by the DBA