AFMA Approved

Downtown Red Deer Market

Interested Vendors


Find the printable version here or scroll down and fill out the online version.

If you’d like to join our market as a vendor, please send us a completed application form. We welcome both seasonal and weekly vendors and approve applications as they arrive throughout the season. Please allow 3-5 business days to process applications.

Online Application Checklist:

  1. Complete/ Send in Vendor Application (printed or online)  
  2. Safe Food Handling for Farmers Markets (If Applicable)
  3. Wait on Approval/Next steps
  4. Read and Understand Emergency Action Plan
  5. Proof of Company or Vendor Insurance
  6. Payment

Upon completion of check-list items 1 and 2, successful applicants will receive written confirmation and be prompted to submit Proof of Insurance, Safe Food Handling and Payment. Additional documentation may be required if your company is considered “organic” or you are a beekeeper or if your company is required to possess a valid Commercial Kitchen License.

Market Application

Wednesday 3:30-6:30

Include postal code
Stall size-10ft by 10ft Tent
Once approved you will receive an email prompting you to submit proof of insurance, safe food handling certificate and payment. Payment is non-refundable.
Please check the boxes above to indicate you understand and accept the regulations. These regulations and guidelines are subject to change with written notice. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the market without refund.