Feature Vendor Interview – Nixon Honey

Feature vendor of the week: Nixon Honey 
At last week’s market we caught up with Bethany from Nixon Honey.

What is your business?
We sell local raw unpasteurized honey. It is good for allergies because it comes from local flowers. We also sell Beeswax, lozenges, honey combs, pollen, naturally flavored honey and honey sticks.

What is a “must know” or “must try” of Nixon Honey?
A “must know” is they do extraction tours in August. You can go see how everything is done and if you bring your own container they charge $3.00/pound. It’s really neat to see the process of how everything is done. 
What is your favorite things you sell?
The Irish cream honey. 
What makes you awesome? Why should people choose Nixon Honey?
The Nixon’s are beekeepers. They are selling their own products. They know where all the bees are located and how they are treated.

What do people need to be educated about when it comes to Honey?
Bee pollen is a super-multivitamin. Instead of going to a pharmacy and getting multivitamins you can take bee pollen which is all natural. You can get all of your health benefits from bee pollen. There is more on that in the pamphlet.

Can you buy Nixon Honey anywhere else?
Only the Nixon’s produce and distribute Nixon honey. It’s at many of the farmers markets all over central Alberta as well as in many stores.

How many markets do you attend?
I myself attend 4 markets but we do a lot more than that.

How did you first hear about the market and how long have you been here?
Through other vendors. We have been attending the Downtown Market for at least 5 years

What do you love about being downtown? 
It’s a different atmosphere here. There are different people at every market so I get to socialize with a lot of different people. Downtown gets its own marketing because so many people drive by. It’s not as open or busy as other markets I attend. It’s a nice market.

What would you like to see change about the market or Downtown?
I would change my spot so I could get more sun. I would love to see more vendors and, vendors on each side of the street.

You are here a lot. Do you have a favorite market vendor or business on the street?
I like cutie pies. When I was in the hospital 4 years ago they were there as well. I ate their pies so it’s really good to see them again 
The soap lady who drives a little blue car is amazing.
The shoe guy fixed my shoes once.

How do you define success?
Good marketing and a positive attitude. Definitely being honest with your customer, don’t bend the truth and don’t pressure people to buy.

What advice would you give to people just starting out?
Pick something lighter than honey because it’s a killer on gas. 
Be a good neighbor to your other vendors. Getting along with them has a huge roll in whether or not you are successful or continue to come back.

Did you know that Nixon honey conducts all operations within their own facility? They package their own products and do not outsource. Be sure to go taste test some honey at this week’s ATB Downtown Market. 
Find them online at http://nixonhoney.ca/

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