Free parking is available Downtown from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. weekdays and all weekend.

  • Downtown Parking Map
  • Downtown Parking Lots and Rates 
  • Meter Parking Rates 
  • Sorenson Station Parkade is within walking distance of many Downtown businesses, parks and events and offers parking at a lower cost than lots or meters.
  • Parking Cards These prepaid cards are available for a cost of $5 plus your preloaded time. Purchase your Red Deer Parking Card at City Hall Cashiers, 1st Floor City Hall, 4918 48 Avenue.
  • Parking Tickets Parking Complaints involving City streets can be directed to RCMP Bylaw Enforcement at 403.343.5575. Any complaints related to private property can be directed to The City of Red Deer Compliance Line at 403.342.8328.

Downtown Parking Facts:

  • Over 1,800 paid public parking stalls are available in Downtown Red Deer
  • Walk a block & save! In some areas, you can park a short distance from your destination and save $2 on daily parking rates
  • Sorenson Station parkade has 100 daily parking stalls with the lowest rates in the city
  • Smart Cards are pre-paid and available from The City of Red Deer and to allow for quick and easy payment throughout the city