Perpendicular Signage Subsidy Program

Program Overview

Promoted by downtown experts as a key ingredient for a successful downtown, perpendicular signage provides increased visibility to visitors and residents while improving the quality of place. With perpendicular signage, visitors no longer need to be immediately outside your storefront looking up at your sign before they can see what delights you have available. It is a proven fact that perpendicular signage increases the walkability factor of downtowns.

It’s not just for retail-based businesses either. Second floor non-retail businesses can benefit from this type of signage too.

For $99 + GST you can increase the visibility of your business on a long-term basis.

Two sign bracket designs are available for you to choose from. Each includes a 30 x 15” sign blank that can be taken to your preferred sign company for a design of your choice.

To promote individuality, we encourage you to be bold with your design. Downtown experts suggest promoting your key ‘lure’ rather than simply the name of your business, especially if your name does not obviously reflect your service.


Your Downtown Business Association is pleased to offer all businesses within the Business Revitalization Zone access to the Perpendicular Signage Subsidy Program.

Relevant Bylaw information

For your information, the current City of Red Deer Bylaw states:

  • (a) No projecting sign shall be erected so that the bottom thereof is less than 2.8 m (9.2 ft.) above the sidewalk; provided however, where traffic lights may be obscured in the opinion of the Engineering Services Development Officer, the minimum requirement for the bottom of the projecting sign may be increased to a height of 3.6 m (11.8 ft.) or more above the sidewalk.
  • (b) All projecting signs shall maintain the required clearance from overhead power and service lines as required forth under The Electrical Protection Act.
  • (c) The maximum area of a projecting sign shall be 4.5 m2.
  • (d) The nearest edge of a projecting sign shall not be set off more than 0.3 m from the building face.

The DBA has ensured the sign you have purchased meets the requirements of (c) and (d) above.

Application Process

  • Contact the DBA to confirm availability – Please contact us to confirm availability of your chosen sign prior to submitting an application, as this program is available on a first-come, first-serve basis until the fund is depleted.
  • Application – Please complete and submit an application form and provide payment. Include which sign you would like and provide the delivery address for your sign. You may submit the form below or download a PDF of the application form here and submit via email to or hand deliver to the Red Deer Downtown Business Association office.
  • Letter of Understanding – This will be drafted by DBA staff to outline the roles of each party.
  • Sign Permit Application – Prior to attaching your sign to the building The City of Red Deer requires a Sign Permit Application to be submitted, indicating where the new sign will be hung. The fee for the is application is $169.95 payable at City Hall (third floor)
  • Post-Event Report – This must be submitted to the DBA within 30 days of event completion, according to the guidelines detailed in your Letter of Understanding.
DBA Perpendicular Business Signage Subsidy Program Application

* By submitting this application, I am verifying I have authorization to do so on behalf of the business listed below. I agree it will become property of the Red Deer Downtown Business Association. The information contained in the application is true. Correct and complete in every respect. I understand the submission of this application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program. I agree to obtain all necessary permits and authorization in advance of the project start, and to comply with current City of Red Deer Bylaws. I accept responsibility for Sign Permit Application through The City of Red Deer along with the associated costs and agree to take the sign blank to a sign company of my choice to have the sign created and produced at my own cost. I agree to install the perpendicular sign for my business within 8 weeks of permit approval. The Red Deer Downtown Business Association has permission to use my business name along with “before” and “after” photographs to promote this program.