Rosie Red

Who is Rosie Red?

Rosie Red is the face and voice of the Red Deer Downtown Business Association. She’s trendy, fun, relaxed and tech savvy. This vibrant Red Deerian lives, works and plays in the bustling Downtown. Rosie knows all of the Downtown destinations and happenings. She can be found at countless events, festivals, patios and businesses in the Downtown core. She is your go-to girl who can always fill you in on what’s happening in the heart of the city.

She is often caught shopping during business hours and posting her finds online.

What does Rosie do?

Rosie Red is a cost effective form of communications used to increase awareness for Downtown businesses, entertainment and events. Rosie connects with consumers on a personal level through a fictional personality and her social media identity.

Through Facebook, Rosie Red speaks on a consumer level to engage with the greater community to increase traffic to our Downtown area. She often does radio advertising and has appeared on television, although she is a little shy in front of cameras.

A girl needs to keep up with today’s fashion and trends! Rosie goes to stores, events and happenings. Through Rosie’s presence in businesses, people following her have learned about new stores and events and have become regular patrons of places they didn’t previously know about. This has led to a measured increase in people visiting the Downtown that otherwise may not have occurred.

Why do you want Rosie to visit your business, event or happening?

The idea behind Rosie is to increase awareness and encourage people to visit Downtown and all of its fabulousness. Throughout the summer Rosie will make her journey through the Downtown making appearances at a number of businesses, market vendors at the ATB Financial Downtown Market, Ross Street Patio and events. Rosie wants to help you get the word out about all the great things Downtown has to offer.

You can have fun with Rosie! Dress her up, accessorize her or even maker her a part of a display. This creates a unique cross-promotional opportunity, as Rosie raves about your business/event on social media. Rosie is a fun and interactive way to encourage people to visit you Downtown. Customers and guests can pop in and say hi, snap a selfie and share it online with their social media followers and friends. You can use Rosie to help promote a new business, a special promotion or feature or your website or social media pages.